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An all-in-one platform to track your mobile market and uncover growth opportunities

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Empower teams to drive mobile growth

Executive Leadership

One central location to benchmark your performance against the market and uncover new opportunities

UA Strategy

One-stop shop to find opportunities across all channels by revealing the competitive landscape and tracking the effectiveness of your competitor's activities

Consumer Insights

Build, grow and monitor customer engagement by discovering user level insights; uncover where users spend their time and money

Product Management

Effectively direct product development by seeing what technology your competitors are using and tracking market trends over time

Uncover your competitors’ mobile strategies

Track your competitors

Monitor your competitors' market share over time
and learn where they are seeing success

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Benchmark your performance

See performance data for every app in the world and compare your performance to your competition

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Reach your target audience

Benchmark user retention within your category and uncover cross-app usage trends across your competition

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Drive more downloads

Get your app at the top of the app store search results with app store optimization and keyword insights

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Create amazing customer experiences

Uncover insights from user reviews to power analysis and learn how to consistently deliver value to them

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Act on real-time alerts

  • Build alerts for a apps that you care about
  • Track market position over time
  • Get notified of changes in market activity


Our Competitive Edge


Our mobile estimates provide strong performance indicators trusted by the biggest brands.

Data Sustainability

We use ethical data collection practices without relying on panel data to ensure sustainability.

Value & Service

Access to all apps and countries for one price. We've built a dedicated intelligence team to support our clients.

Unlock insights on your competitors

Uncover game-changing market insights to level up your mobile strategy.

Unlock insights on your competitors

Uncover game-changing market insights to level up your mobile strategy.

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